Mosawa Network

شبكة مساواة

The Arab Women Organization (AWO) took the initiative to start Mosawa Network, which contributes to developing a stronger and more inclusive movement for women’s rights in Jordan.

Mosawa Network was established to create connections among women community-based organizations (CBOs) to help women-led organizations strengthen and consolidate their impact, including finding strengths in diversity.
Throughout 17 years of establishment, achievements included: -measurably improvement of capacity and leadership of CBOs, – disseminating of best practices and learning across Jorda to boost advocacy effectiveness amongst CBOs, and – supporting evidence generation to assess and demonstrate impact, and improve advocacy effectiveness

Mosawa Network is still led by AWO for convening and supporting meetings of CBOs and providing venues to gather around 100 grassroots civil society organizations through its supported projects. AWO aims to fuel the growth of a new generation of organizations that work for women-rights. This supports a more resilient, broad-based movement for gender equality and women empowerment in Jordan.
As a lead organization, AWO has been able to lead a program to support:

  • Inclusive leadership: Women-led grassroots CBOs to become more resilient when their leaders can get the best from gender-rights expertise and group connections for creating identity and career pathways for emerging advocacy leaders.
  • Connecting and community-building: Facilitating exchanges as part of establishing a stronger community of CBOs that are able to advocate for gender equality.
  • Linking and learning: Support stronger learning spaces for gender-rights advocacy communities through sharing of best practices.