About Us

A Jordanian local women’s rights organization for gender equality, and the empowerment of women and girls. AWO advances women leadership and solutions towards political, social and economic empowerment that promote women status.
AWO was founded in 1970 by an extraordinary group of women’s activists, including Ms. Emily Naffa and many others. Emily recognized that the commitments to women’s rights that emerged from the Fifties of the 20th Century would require rigorous work to improve women’s daily lives and advance true transformation for social justice.

Over its 50-year history, AWO has worked to bring feminist analyses into the center of the voices of frontline and grassroots women’s rights leaders in the national policy dialogues. AWO work is centered on partnership-building: creating spaces inside policy processes and movements where feminists and women’s rights activists can build joint agendas, map entry points and intersections and voice demands in collective.

AWO coordinates women’s rights meetings in local and Arab spaces and builds coalitions around the gender issues.
Women in Jordan are facing intertwined crises of economic loss, inequality and social injustice. At present, the COVID-19 pandemic is revealing the deep fault lines in the creation of resilient societies that uphold social protection, while further entrenching deep gender inequalities.

AWO works to create gender-just solutions for increasing women political and economic participation as well as to abolish the entrenched cycles of violence.

AWO works for building networks based on new visions to recognize women increasing burden at the households with children distant learning. AWO calls for the protection of women against harassment in the workplace. AWO calls for releasing women power for social participation at the community and the country levels.

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A just society that promotes and protects human rights and gender equality.


AWO works towards an “intersectional participatory” approach to build a powerful movement across Jordan coordinating inputs into the Sustainable Development Goals process, including Goal 5 for gender equality.



To advance feminist collective and intersectional leadership for solutions towards a just and healthy society for all, whereby quality and fair education is maintained and good health services with laws that represent and protect women and girls, law enforcement and social services with a survivor-centered approach and compassionate communities help survivors in telling their stories and accessing justice.

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How we work

AWO strengths can be illustrated through themes, processes and program areas to build a women’s movement to shift behavior and promote gender justice. Partnering with over 100 Women-Led Organizations (WLOs) and bringing together diverse organizations in Mosawa Network to demand support for women equal rights as well as the delivery of sub-grants to partners in the Mosawa Network. AWO supports Mosawa Network to participate and engage in campaigns and small-project grants.AWO funds the training and transportation for at least 10-20 grassroots activists per month, to engage in AWO activities. AWO also helps to organize and convene meetings throughout the year. AWO produces and promotes knowledge products by collecting data and information for the integration of gender issues. AWO launches consultations with a range of state actors working to ensure gender-responsiveness. AWO develops advocacy skills training to hundreds of women each year, including administration and reporting on grants. AWO leads a group of 12 partner organizations to provide administrative support.

Our Partnerships

Arab Women Organization Services Center - Irbid

To provide Psychosocial support, Individual Legal Consultations, Awareness-raising sessions, Life skills for children and adolescents, Informal education and Handcrafts.

Arab Women Organization Services Center - Mafraq

To provide Psychosocial support, Individual Legal Consultations, Awareness-raising sessions, Life skills for children and adolescents, Informal education and Handcrafts.

Our Partnerships

Our Strategic Plan